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Moulded Plastic Products

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Moulded Plastic Products

Kingspan Environmental’s experienced technical and project management teams have been developing rotational moulding solutions for over 30 years. Its roots start in the Titan Environmental brand of storage containers before expanding into the innovative TitanExcel brand of custom moulded plastic products and storage solutions.

Just some of our large rotationally moulded plastic products are designed and to store kerosene heating oil and Ad Blue urea solution but our capabilities to engineer and manufacture plastic products are vast. They range from components to containers including;

  • fuel/hydraulic/urea expansion tank assemblies,
  • dashboards,
  • cab internals,
  • fenders,
  • tool boxes and
  • water tanks for industrial and commercial vehicles.

Plastic Products Portfolio

Titan Bunded Oil Tanks are the most advanced range in the UK and Ireland, designed to store kerosene heating oil. The plastic moulded oil tanks meet and exceed all current oil storage regulations in the UK and equivalent guidelines in Ireland; manufactured to ISO Standards and OFCERT certified. They are the brand of choice in the industry for strength, reliability and quality.

The Titan AdBlue Bunded Tanks are another range of rotationally moulded plastic products for the transportation and agricultural industries. With the introduction of European regulations on the use of AdBlue to reduce carbon emissions from commercial vehicles, our experienced technical engineers developed the perfect storage and dispensing AdBlue solution.

The MaxiStore is a multi functional storage container from Titan Environmental. Rotationally moulded in impact and UV resistant MDPE to give an exceptionally strong, long life construction.

Some other innovative plastic products rotationally moulded by TitanExcel include the Amphicat kayak and the Rolluxe exhibition case.

The Amphicat is a polystyrene foam kayak boat rotationally moulded by TitanExcel’s. The Amphicat is custom moulded to the specifications outlined by our client.

The Rolluxe Exhibition stand container is another example of a rotationally moulded product. This toughened plastic product glides effortlessly on four steel bearing wheels. Rolluxe moulded plastic cases are made from tough moulded plastic for extra strength and durability.